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Located in a densely populated area, Radom is the second largest urban complex in the Mazovia Province, only 100 Kilometers from Warsaw.

Road Network

Radom is situated at the cross-road of main communication routes: five national highways meet and cross in Radom, two of them are international routes. The railway junction in Radom links two main lines: Warsaw-Krakow and Lublin-Lodz, long distance passenger and cargo trains, joining the largest Polish cities.

Centre of attraction

There are about 206.000 inhabitants within a radius of 15 minutes drive and around 33.000 people within 5 minutes.


Purchases in King Cross KING CROSS RADOM

The mixture of merchandise will include around 70 shops, household appliances, furniture and 16 between cafés and restaurants. What will complete the entertainment offer will be a multiplex with 6 screens, a bowling alley and an ice-skating rink. There will be an underground parking of 410 parking spaces and an external parking area for 50 cars. The new shopping centre will enjoy the benefit of a special bus stop.